Our Company,Our Quality Policy & Our People


Hydrus Inc. is a commercial diving company, registered in the Philippine Securities and Exchange Commission in March 2011, providing underwater-related services to marine vessels, piers, ports and harbors, as well as to other industrial sectors involving underwater services.

Hydrus Inc. is managed by a team with knowledge about the maritime industry and is supported by commercial divers with abundant experience. In order to ensure safety and quality, our professional divers uses state-of-the-art tools and equipment.

Hydrus Inc. is committed to providing the best service in order to achieve satisfaction from customers.

The Philippines has a rising maritime industry and subsequently there is a constant and growing demand of underwater-related services. Recognizing this, Hydrus Inc. was formed with the goal of providing unsurpassed service and quality to meet those demands.


Our mission is to provide full turn key technical solutions, world-class customer service and fastest turnaround time available without compromising safety and quality.


Our vision serves as the cornerstone of company foundation in order to achieved continuous growth.
To be a great place to work where people share common goals and achievements.
To respect our customers and suppliers and to foster a win-win experience.
To be a safe and responsible company that makes a difference in protecting our communities and the earth we live on.
To develop long term return to investors with benefits on both parties.
To perform on a highly efficient and flexible manner and focusing on improvement of skill levels of our workforce.

Quality Policy

The basic orientation of Hydrus Inc. is to be recognized for quality in underwater related services to marine vessels, pier, ports and harbor as well as industrial sector primarily involving underwater and above water services with experienced commercial diving and specialized equipment.

This will be achieved through:

·      Consideration of context of the organization and aligning the Quality Management System with the strategic direction of Hydrus Inc.

·      Continuously upgrading the Quality Management System in all stages ranging from order receipt, services, project acceptance and after service.

·      Establishing, applying, maintaining and continual improvement of effectiveness of Quality Management System – ISO 9001

·      Management of organization, along with employee-established quality objectives and defined responsibilities for their fulfillment

·      Ensuring that our Policy and Procedure Manuals reflect what we actually do


·      Satisfying customer and applicable statutory and regulatory requirements

·      Continual enhancement of customers’ satisfaction

·      Commitment to increase quality of services in order to exceed customers’ expectations


·         Careful selection of suppliers

·         Tracking and applying new technologies and educating employees

·         Making continuous improvement a part of every day and every job

·         Understanding how our jobs fit into the overall flow of work at Hydrus Inc.

The framework for setting quality objectives is defined in the Quality Manual.

President or GM is responsible for communicating the Quality Policy to all persons working for or on behalf of the organization and making it available to the public.

President   -  Dr. Lolita D. Perez-Fallorina,  MBA

General Manager  - Rogelio D. Perez

VP for Engineering and Quality Assurance - Engr. Artemio Belandres



Dr. Lolita Perez-Fallorina,  MBA President
Rogelio D. Perez General Manager
Engr. Artemio V. Belandres VP for Engineering and Quality Assurance
Edwin R. Fallorina VP for Marketing & Business Development
Eng. Amando D. Perez, Jr. VP for Maritime and Shipping Division
Engr. Roel S. Santos Naval Architect and Marine Engineer
Teodoro D. Perez Manager for Transportation & Logistics
Artemis P. Belandres, RN. Manager - Admin and HR.  Safety Officer

Engineering and Support Staff

Engr. Maria Sarah Fallorina Project Manager - Junior Engineer
Engr. Eidref Joseph Paz Junior Engineer
Engr. Ernesto Agulay Junior Engineer
Engr. Alice Gomez Junior Engineer
Engr. Angela Louise Arias Junior Engineer
Engr. James Erickson Castaneda Junior Engineer
Engr. Diana Loprandado Junior Engineer
Santos T.  Gonzales Dive Supervisor
Morland Medina Lead Diver
Melvin Mendoza Lead Diver
Domingo Remo Jr. Lead Diver
Jesus Gonzales Commercial Diver
Perry Libera Commercial Diver
Arniel Corporal Commercial Diver
Rosalyn P. Dena Admin Support Staff
Joyce Anne Segalle Admin Support Staff


Technical Consultants

Col. Crisostomo F. Abanes Maritime Consultant
Claro Edillor Marketing Consultant
Engr. Garry G. Alviento Engineering Consultant
Engr. Kevin Rowe Almoro Engineering Consultant
Engr. Jessie Agustin Engineering Consultant